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Seagate Barracuda XT 3TB (ST33000651AS) Storage Drive Review

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The drive comes in a plastic case. I’ve been seeing Seagate drives on such cases via retail. Personally, I would prefer anti-static cover.

As said this is a 5 platter based 3TB drive with 64MB Cache. The following are the system specifications:


The drive weighs 700gms. Western Digital’s 3TB Drive that was reviewed some time ago pretty much weighs the same.


The PCB has a thermal pad on the controller and the motor driver.


The PCB is labelled as “Seagate 100610023 Rev B” that comes with LSI P3S587 1L8 controller and JMicron SH6968B motor with Winboard W9751G6J8-25 64MB 800MHz DDR2 chip.

Western Digital’s drive require a Host Bus Adapter, whereas Seagate uses DiscWizard software viz. powered by Acronis. Not sure how Samsung or Hitachi addresses the issue. Asus has its own exclusive unlocker utility. Ofcourse, 64Bit Vista and Windows 7 systems with UEFI on the board is a native solution to boot 3TB in a single partition. 

(Note: Tried on “Hybrid EFI” Bios that Gigabyte provides, which as usual 746.52GB is wasted.)

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