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Seagate Barracuda XT 3TB (ST33000651AS) Storage Drive Review

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This isn’t the drive that you’ll choose only for storage, but more for Primary drive with a lot of space at the back. Unlike Western Digital where you will need an HBA, you’ll use the utility to use the “unusable” space that remains behind during OS Installation. Western Ditial’s 3TB EZRS that I received didn’t come with an HBA. But if you have a Asus board with unlocker utility, probably you’ll not need one.

But when it comes to other boards that does not have the similar unlock support, So far this is the only Choice you have. I would be waiting to see if there is a Green version 3TB in Seagate.

India (MRP)U.S.U.K.
Rs. 14,500$ 249£180

U.K. and India prices are somewhat similar, whereas U.S. is lower when converted into Indian rates. Enthusiasts would most likely be thinking of an SSD only for booting and maybe couple of important softwares+ secondary drive or- something like this. More useful in HTPC-cum-Gaming systems maintaining a smaller-than-standard ATX systems. The warranty period in India is of 3 years.

But if you’re a guy who would prefer to buy a decent sized SSD and then maybe few months down the line you’ll grab a larger storage drive (whatever is the cheapest/high storage space available) for this amount of cash? SSD will be your preference.

Difference between the Barracuda XT 2 and 3TB is very high, as a well-known online retailers sell Barracuda XT 2TB for Rs. 8,100. You’re paying Rs. 6,000/- for the extra 1TB. The issue is not the drive, but the price that it comes labelled with.

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