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Seagate GoFlex 1.5TB Ultra Portable HDD Review

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This is the review of the Seagate GoFlex 1.5TB USB 3.0 (STAA1500301) Ultra Portable External Storage drive review. The goodness of the USB 3.0, 3 years warranty, Seagate Dashboard software and powering up the storage brick from a single Connector: Let’s see how the fat lady sings…


1.5TB drive measure 22mm in thickness with the usual GoFlex goodness. Powered by a single USB 3.0 connector, let’s see how this storage bulk performs.

Thanks to the new USB 3.0 specifications, not only USB 3.0 is faster with better energy efficiency but also can give out more power. Theoretically and according to the USB 3.0 standards, unrecognized devices can get up to 150mA whereas devices properly configured for USB 3.0 ports can give up to 900 mA.

But seeing from a price point, it demands a certain premium. While products have “certain” reasons to keep a premium over USB 2.0 devices, a motherboard with onboard USB 3.0 support does not command a premium. Unfortunately, that cannot be said for PCI USB 3.0 cards.

Even a decent enough motherboard worth about Rs. 5,000/- Rs. 6,000/- comes with x2 USB 3.0 ports, PCIe cards with USB 3.0 demand a laughable premium that goes up to Rs. 1,500- Rs. 2,000 (even those with 2x USB 3.0 cards). Not everybody will ditch a motherboard simply to get USB 3.0, so the only way to make and sell more USB 3.0 devices to be sold is either to keep a reasonable price for USB 3.0 PCIe cards or if manufacturers bundle a USB 3.0 card with the drive and not command a special premium at the same time.

Etron Technology stepped in the USB 3.0 controller business with EJ168 USB 3.0 controller and NEC doubled the USB 3.0 controller production, all the more reason that PCI expansion cards should not command such premium in the first place. A lot of consumers (even keeping power users aside) using 1TB+ storage space and hence they are a huge demand for 1TB+ external storage space. The transfer speed on USB 2.0 is extremely annoying even when transferring huge data. Once these controllers are available at a reasonable price, a lot of people will embrace such cards and once this happens prices for USB 3.0 devices should be reasonably priced (assuming those who decide the price for a product sees that way).

(Note: Not all boards with Rs. 5,000/- min. the price tag with USB 3.0 are of overall decent built, as many of the manufacturers skipping the necessary basics such as not putting required numbers of surface mount poly fuse that gives over-current protection, especially during improper removal of such devices).

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