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More than just a capacity increase

Professional usage of storage drives is a major factor due to the 4K+ content and RAW images they have to store. This includes a series of raw footage, unedited and final end product archived in NAS. There are those who archive a lot of data, therefore large-capacity storage in a single drive is vital. The 14TB is as big as it can get for now. Earlier it was 10TB and 12TB. These, however, make the transition towards capacity, performance and reliability Helium HDDs can only provide.

The main upside is the provision of 7,200 RPM class performance for non-pro series NAS HDDs, unlike with WD whose Red series provide 5,400 RPM class speeds. WD might catch up, but nothing yet so far.

About temperature and power…

The maximum operating temperature for the Ironwolf 14TB 008 HDD is the 70c. Higher tolerance to heat is one of the requirements of a NAS-specific drive. Helium added in an HDD casing with a total of 14TB worth spindles is the end result.

Typical use case

In a desktop use, the Ironwolf 14TB HDD operates between 35 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius, according to the HDD’s SMART data. A single-bay NAS such as the successor models to the Synology DS112J has a slim form factor and relies on a 40mm fan to deliver airflow. Helium-filled HDDs are a boon here.

Storage Vs. Price

India US UK

You can buy the SEAGATE IRONWOLF 14TB ST14000VN008 via Overclockers UK from here.

Unfortunately, it does translate to a higher cost. But there are lower capacity Ironwolf HDDs available with 7,200 RPM-class performance.

  • The highest storage capacity drive available at the time of writing this review
  • 7,200 RPM (Vs. 5,400 RPM WD Red) performance for ‘non-pro’ NAS HDD drives
  • Helium-filled drives perfect for NAS for silent and cool operation
  • Highest capacity storage drives traditionally discourages the mass from purchasing

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