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Silicon Power 60GB V30 SATA III SSD Drive

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The entire casing is metal. Only thing that prevents you to open up the SSD drive are the void sticker, a set of 4 screws on the case and 4 more inside.

The PCB is primarily designed for 16 Flash NANDs (8 on each side). Only 1 side of the PCB is used. Silicon Power V30 comes in 120GB and 240GB variant, so most likely this is the same PCB design that is used. The drive uses 8x 8GB Intel 29F64C08AAME-1, a 25 nm MLC based FLASH NAND with SF-2281VB1-SDC controller. The extra 4 GB is used for over-provisioning. For those who do not know, over-provisioning provides better reliability by reserving a capacity to replace bad memory blocks faster overall write IOPS. On the SSD’s PCB, note there’s a small cut-out on the left side of the SATA connectors. Most likely its designed primarily to have a mini USB port on the SSD itself, same as what was highlighted in (F120GB2-BRKT) Force Series 120GB SSDs.

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