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PlayStation 4 specs, pricing and other info revealed

Sony is practically killing it in E3 2013 and so far is making a good impression about their implementations on Sony PlayStation 4. While Microsoft Xbox One is known for one issue after the another from their first presentation, the mandatory “always on” move followed by series of privacy concerns and confusions. So far, Sony is doing it right with PlayStation 4, keeping the console gaming community happy enough to seriously consider adopting this as their choice for next-gen gaming console to keep them entertained.

The Japanese based Electronics company Sony not only showed their next gen PlayStation 4 console in the flesh, but also stated that their console will not require to be always online to operate the console, followed by support for used games and even Sony PlayStation Plus service which allows games and products from your PS3 to be migrated to PS4.

The other best used is that PlayStation 4 will not have region lock. Though many would question this move from a businessman’s perspective, its a move that gamers in mass will really appreciate and would make them feel welcome when they adopt this next gen console over Xbox One.


Furthermore, it should be added that along with the release of its complete specification table. It was also revealed that end users can also upgrade the 500GB in their PS4 console to a higher capacity should they decide.



Sony decided not to include PS Eye in its initial official console bundle, but will be selling the PS4 Eye for $59. It should also be added that an extra Dual Shock PS4 controller with 1000 mAh battery will cost only $59, judging by the pricing in a Best Buy Listing.

The game console comes with an attractive price tag of $399 in U.S. and $349 in UK.

No release date is confirmed, yet!


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