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AMD Radeon HD 8000 Series info leaked

Recent leaks show that AMD Radeon  HD 8000 series specifications are leaked, and they seem pretty impressive.

The lineup consists of the following graphics cards:  AMD Radeon  HD 8970, HD 8950, HD 8870 and HD 8850. The cards come with the price tag of $599, $399, $299 and $229 respectively. What also should be noted that these cards have GCN 2.0 architecture. All cards are based on 28nm process.

It also should be noted that the source claims that AMD HD 8970 which uses Curacao XT core has 35% performance bump over AMD 7970 GHz Edition and 10% boost bump when compared with HD 8950, whereas HD 8870 has over 40% performance boost over HD 7870 followed by 15% boost with HD 8850.

It should be interesting to see how HD 8970 performs with GTX 780 nevertheless!

GPU CoreCuracao XTHainan XTHainan ProHainan LE
Transistor Count55 million35 million35 million35 million
Core Clock1100MHz1200MHz1100MHz1000MHz
Mem Clock7.0 GHz7.0 GHz6.0GHz6.0GHz
Memory Bus384256256256
Processor Count2304 SPs1792 SPs1536 SPs1280 SPs
Performance DiffVs. 7970GHz 35%Vs. 7970GHz 10%Vs. 7870 40%Vs. 7870 15%

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