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iBuyer's Steam Machine Prototype

All Steam Machine makers will need a nod from Valve before shipping

It was revealed by iBuyPower’s marketing manager Ricky Lee during an interview done by Slashgear about the non availability of their version of the Steam Machine. He said that Valve will need to give a green signal to respective companies only they’re ready.

For those who do not know, Valve’s TOS with OEMS states that inorder to sell PCs with SteamOS pre-installed, they will need to get a license from Valve first.

iBuyer's Steam Machine Prototype

iBuyer’s Steam Machine Prototype

As it states:

In very simple terms, you need a license to redistribute our proprietary Steam Client, whether on its own or whether as part of SteamOS, and you need a license to use any of our trademarks in a commercial context. That includes, without limitation, using the Steam symbol and terms like Steam, SteamOS and Steam Machine in any of your commercial communication, whether from product design, advertising or PR. And unless you are a licensee, you should not publicly suggest any connection to Valve or Steam.

Maybe its because Valve wants to check out the machine and see if it meets their standards? You’ll never know! As of how things look like, all eyes are on Valve as of now.

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