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The conclusion of the Asus Power Users Meet/Conference: w00t!!!


Users from Techenclave and ThinkDigit forum members attended this Invite-only event. The turnout was brilliant, turned out to be THE best User-based conference I’ve attented.

About 40-50 (ish) people forum members from Techenclave, ThinkDigit and Erodov Media (India) pvt. ltd were invited for this event, not only from Mumbai, but across the nation. Return tickets and hotel accomodations was provided to bring power Users, forum moderators, hardware fans/enthusiasts and overclockers.

Some of the names were Rakesh Sharma, toolius, Mav2000, Madnav, BF1983, Fah33m, Aces170, Renegade, Saiyan, Dark Star, iGo (and many more than that).

Presentation was done by Jack Cheng, Asus RnD’s motherboard specialist and few members did ask questions now and again- including about the service. The main purpose of having such meets so that the manufacturers can get all the feedbacks from the User’s perspective. There have been few much smaller meets, but the is the first time, a power user meet of this size is done here. All I can say is this is the best way Users can have a face-to-face feedback interaction and I am sure this is one of many meets to come (and not limited to 1 manufacturer).

I wish some people were here, but I guess you could say there were with us in some way [Okay, so this sound retarded but then- they were. The ln2 pot that Toolius used was from Harshal Tank. There ya go! He’s the man! 😉 ]

Thanks to Asus team for arranging this and I am sure the feedback sessions will turn out to be fruitful. Personal thanks to Saptarshi Ghosh for putting it together nicely.

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