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2 PC Building Simulator

Don’t know how to build a PC? Use the PC Building Simulator!!

New simulator guides newbies to build PCs before getting hands-on with real hardware!

For regular system builders, putting a PC together is not difficult. This wasn’t always the case as they had to learn it from some way. I learned how to build a PC by dismantling my own and never looked back. Newer system builders and enthusiasts learned from watch a bunch of youtube videos.

Who built the simulator??

The PC building simulator is built by a programmer from Romania. Claudiu mentioned on his website that the purpose of it was to try to teach how to build PCs while having fun. As a system builder, I couldn’t agree more. While its true that DIY PC building has a steep learning curve, over the years it became easier as components are plug-and-play for the most part. This simulator takes one small step to make it easier.

Game Engine

There is a work-in-development project for a PC building simulator where it guides the user which component goes where and also gives step by step instructions. The best part is that it includes from installing brass standoffs to installing cables. It’s a bit difficult to pinpoint to install brass standoff compared to the real world but this really should help people get comfortable with PC building. The simulator uses Unity engine. Unity is a multi-platform engine and it was used in known games like Superhot and Pokemon Go.

Is it a one-stop confidence builder for building PCs?

It is recommended to at least build a PC with a friend or watch a good youtube video. For now, the simulation may not offer certain specifics such as installing the processor properly. But this is a good supplement before you would start putting it together. I am very curious to know about its career mode whose release is coming soon. Most likely this will involve basic troubleshooting or maintenance. I couldn’t help but imagine how good this simulator can be once it supports VR.

Since its still under development, the simulator is for free to download. You can download the latest version and check its progress via his blog.

Don’t know how to build a PC? Use the PC Building Simulator from hardware

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