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Pascal-based Titan P to be shown in August

Nvidia Titan P expected to be 50% faster than GTX 1080 FE

While we know how Nvidia Pascal-based GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 performs, it’s expected that the green team will release a more powerful version Pascal-based Titan cards. The question is not “if” but when. Now, it’s probably sooner than later. The upcoming GTX Titan is said to be showcased during Gamescom in August.

The new version will be called the GTX Titan P. According to sources, it will use the GP102 core and expected to be 50% faster than the GTX 1080. Interestingly, this is rumoured to be in 16GB HBM2 and 12HBM2 flavours. The 16GB version will have four stacks while using a 4096-bit memory bus. The 12GB will have three using a 3072-bit bus. Judging by the expectation of using 6+8 PCIe power connector, it may have a TDP under 300w. Titan cards traditionally do not allow any non-reference design with custom GPU cooling options typically rolled out by its AIC partners. I don’t any reason why it will different this but you’ll never know.

Nvidia Titan P PCIe placement

According to another source that claims to have the GP100/GP102 based GTX Titan P, it uses an 8+8 and 8+6 pin connectors placed at the front. The PCB of the card is 12-inch long. What I find it interesting is that Titan P’s performance is found to be more CPU-bound. As an example, Intel i7 6700k with a higher clock does an efficient job than the Core i7-6950X. If it is truly CPU-bound, it would be interesting to see how it does with the expected eight-core Zen processor.

We will know about that when Gamescom in Germany starts, which is from 17th August to 21st. Nvidia GTX Titan P with 50% performance boost over the GTX 1080 Founders Edition using the same GP102 core is very interesting.


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