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Toshiba gets the approval to complete OCZ Buyout

Toshiba will now able to complete all the formalities required to complete the acquisition of OCZ as the US Bankruptcy Court in Delaware has given its approval. Now OCZ can sell all its assets to Toshiba.

According to OCZ, the asset acquisition will be completed by next week. Toshiba will be keeping the branding alive and continue with the drives that they’ve made for consumers and enterprise level SSDs, which also should ease the doubt about getting future RMA support for its customers.

OCZ_vector_SSDThis is a win-win situation if you look at it. The SSD brand will greatly benefit from Toshiba’s expertise as a storage and memory manufacturer and Toshiba gets a long level of consumer and enterprise userbase along with the brand reputation. As of now, the company is going through a bidding procedure for their power management business of which they expect to complete the transaction in the next few weeks.

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