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TSMC bumps up purchasing of manufacturing units for 20nm process

TSMC (Short for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) increased the amount of equipments which is used to manufacture 20nm chips, most likely set for volume product by Q1 2014.

It was also reported by the news source that TSMC is also buying equipments to manufacture 16nm HKMG process. However since Nvidia wouldn’t go below 28nm due to manufacturing cost involved, and that for them to adopt 20nm process means to have expenses at the cost of making improvements to GPU chips, Nvidia may have to find another way to deal with it if TSMC’s minimum manufacturing process is 20nm. On the other hand, there’s always a possibility that they would have some exclusive contract in order to maintain TSMC to continue manufacturing 28nm chips.

Speculation? Yeah, this is something we’ll know how this would affect in the near future.

Also, according to market watchers, it was found that TSMC, Globalfoundries and Samsung Electronics purchasing Hermes Microvision’s e-beam inspection tools, indicating that companies are working to increase fab production facilities accordingly.

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