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Type-C reversible USB connectors all set for mass production

The USB Promoter Group recently made an announcement that they have completed the specification required to be standardized for type-c USB connectors. By doing so, the cable is now ready for mass production.



As said by USB-IF, the new design is made primarily for laptops, tablets and slim enough for mobile phones as the connectors roughly measure 8.4mm x 2.6mm. The connector will be compatible with USB 3.1 that has a theoretical transfer speed of 5Gbps to 10Gbps and can deliver power up to 100w. The connector is also designed to go up to scale as USB goes faster than USB 3.1 spec in the near future, therefore providing a physical compatibility with future implementations.

With these specification and compatibility potential, together with reversible connectors, it is sure to be one of the fastest adopted implementations that user will get their hands on as soon as newer devices, accessories and peripherals start to roll out!

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