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Ubisoft announces Far Cry Primal, arriving this February

After some information leak, Ubisoft revealed its upcoming title Far Cry Primal. A trailer shows that the same set in the stone age, with cave paintings, barbarians learning the art of making weapons, hunting Mammoths and Sabertooth tigers.

How about that, a prehistoric first person action game for a change.

This will be a refreshing change for those who have been playing Far Cry titles since the first game. Games based on the pre-historic times is something that’s rare and usually seen typically in RTS games. Hopefully, the game’s theme will be maintained with no guns or sci-fi weapons coming out of nowhere- and no aliens.

While animal hunting is something we’ve seen on FarCry 3 and FarCry 4, having a prehistoric setting for Far Cry Primal will really change the pace and the experience for a gamer. Think about it, no proper concept of language, no proper clothing apart from using animal hide and face paint, being on fear every now and then, sleeping in caves, hunting in packs for food- the works!

Far Cry Primal is coming out on 23.02.2016 for XBox One and PlayStation 4, but the PC variant will be released on March. As of now, there is a pre-order.

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