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The new USB 3.0 update will deliver up to 100 watts

A report came out recently which will raise anyone’s eyebrows as it states that the new USB update will deliver enough power to power up and charge any devices.

The USB 3.0 spec will also be having a bump from 5Gbps to 10Gbps, which will also bump power delivery from 10 watts to upto 100 watts, which will be enough to power up anything from a very large external drive to even notebooks, smartphones and tablets.
An example of this implementation was showing during IDF with a Lenovo notebook with many peripherals powered by a single USB 3.0 SuperSpeed hub.

Accord to the report, the new standard will have 5 power profiles to keeping devices with different charging capacity safe:

Profile 1: 5V @ 2.0A
Profile 2: 5V @ 2.0A or 12v @1.5A
Profile 3: 5V @ 2.0A, 12V @ 3A
Profile 4: 5V @ 2.0A, 12V or 20V at 3A
Profile 5 : 5V @ 2.0A, 12V or 20V at 5A

With an implementation such as this you can power up multiple devices and on top of it you don’t need to deal with power bricks and adapters to charge your portable devices. All you need is one of these ports, the USB cable and you can charge your devices.

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