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USB 3.1 can easily deliver up to 1.2GB/sec after being tuned: USB-IF

It was reported earlier that the USB 3.1 can deliver up to 10Gb/s throughput. The president and CEO of USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) Jeff Ravencraft did a demo of this using a controller board made by Fresco-Logic, but was connect to DDR memory and not a storage device. However,when asked he explained that there aren’t any SSDs that are in that level yet.

He added,””With USB 3.0 at five-gig. you’d typically see, at the high end, around 450 megabytes. So here we are, eight weeks out, and we’re already showing double that.”

It was then he said that USB 3.1 can easily delivery up to 1.2GB/s once its tuned and productized, and that its throughput will allow to delivery uncompressed 4K video content. He said,”We think we’ll see real products that you can buy in a retail store probably in the market for the holiday season next year.”

As Ravencraft pointed, currently there are over 1,000 USB 3.0 certified products and according to a report, there will be 700 million USB 3.0 certified and non certified devices to be shipped by 2013, and that shipments will grow to up to 2.2 billion by 2016.

Ravencraft also said about the Media Agnostic USB project which will allow wireless devices to connect via USB protocols without any physical condition, which would communicate using 60GHz WiGig, 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi and WiMedia ultra-wide band radios using 3.1GHz and 10.6GHz frequency.

This could be a lot of trouble with Intel as the demand for Thunderbolt will decrease, not to mention the expensive cable that adds to the cost, along with the cost one has to pay a premium for the thunderbolt enabled device and systems. As of now, Acer ditched the idea of using Thunderbolt in their devices.

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