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Valve adds Oculus Rift VR headset support for Half Life 2

Valve’s programmer Joe Ludwig said on Oculus’ VR developer forums that Half-Life 2 will now support the virtual reality headset. Earlier on, Team Fortress 2 had an update for the ‘Virtual Reality’ mode which allows the gamers to use the Oculus Rift VR headset.

Currently, the option of using the Oculus Rift on Half life 2 is an opt-in beta testing. He said,”We just shipped a beta for Half-Life 2 that includes Oculus Rift support. To get it, open the properties for Half-Life 2 in Steam, set your command line to ‘-VR’, and opt-in to the SteamPipe beta. This should ship to everybody in a few weeks.”

He also added that just like the implementation in Team Fortress 2 is still experimental and there are still issues such and hard to read HUD Zoom UI issues, but they’re doing to hear what do the users think.


Valve has been working on to implement this on many of their games, such as Left 4 Dead series and Portal, however it will take time to implement the virtual reality (as Valve calls it) since the feature has some challenges they need to face, such as the proper position of objects and reducing motion sickness.

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