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VESA outs DisplayHDR test to check HDR monitor claims

VESA, short for the Video Electronics Standards Associations, made an announcement about three certification levels for its Open HDR standard. To ensure the monitor manufacturers are HDR compatible as advertised, the association also released a tool which enables users to check these claims.

The test, however, is a command line and not a GUI interface checking tool most users would expect. These are aimed at professional users who have colorimeters for calibration purposes/ When a colorimeter is placed on the display and measured using its software, it uses RGB colours to check the response of the display similar to the response of a human eye. By emulating it, it evaluates the monitor’s performance. Users would also require having a colorimeter to test these displays. While it is compatible with monitor calibration colorimeter tools, the inbuilt utility needs to be rolled out by respective manufacturers.

The tool works by using the colorimeter’s hardware and software to measure the screen through tests. The three certifications are DisplayHDR400, DisplayHDR 600 and DisplayHDR 1000. The tests will evaluate based on luminance, two contrast tests, colour precision, monitor’s backlight response and other colour-specific tests.

While the extra mile is appreciated the whole point of having a certification system is to guarantee HDR claims made by monitor manufacturers as verified and authentic. Colorimeters is something most users will not keep. Some manufacturers will have HDR in its monitors while opting out of DisplayHDR as certification costs money. DisplayHDR does highlight monitors that meet respective standards, though the list is very limited. The only monitor that meets the highest HDR certification is the Phillips Momentum 436M6VBPAB.

VESA outs DisplayHDR test to check HDR monitor claims from technology

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