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VR Games That Show the Full Potential of the Technology

Virtual reality (VR) gaming is becoming more popular in India as developers continue to roll out more games that showcase the technology’s potential.

The VR market has been growing rapidly in the country, with a 104% annual growth rate between 2013 and 2017. Most notable is the government’s regulatory support and the number of businesses investing in the tech to develop its use cases across industries.

The gaming industry, however, is clearly leading the charge in adopting the technology with companies like Platform Futuremark creating new programs for VR quality control. This allows gamers to see if their PC can support the latest VR headset and specs, which shows how advanced technology has become.

While VR games have yet to reach the heights of PC, console and mobile gaming, these 5 games prove that the technology has the potential to dominate in the future:

Dear Esther

All games fall into the spectrum between gameplay and storytelling. But the minimalist and stripped-down interactions in Dear Esther pushes it beyond the boundary of a typical narrative. Trusted Reviews’ commentary on Dear Esther reveals how the game utilises the VR environment to tell a compelling story in an interesting and emotional way. Its cinematic visuals are almost photo-realistic, which shows how close VR is to replicating our own world.

Poker VR

Since its launch last year, Poker VR has been a massive hit for fans of the casino game. It has presented players with a new way to play that differs vastly from most digital versions of poker. This is because it allows users to play in a completely immersive environment, and is currently the most accurate digital rendition of being in an actual casino. Poker VR successfully leverages the social aspect of poker, by focusing on games that use virtual money (cash games are available). This follows a growing trend in online poker right now where the emphasis is on playing with friends and meeting new people. GeekerMag documents how PPPoker has created a unique online platform where players of different levels can create their own social clubs. This means that newcomers don’t find themselves constantly playing against poker professionals, and can instead compete with players at similar levels using virtual money. Poker VR is a good example of the potential of VR because it shows how real-world activities can easily be adapted to become an immersive digital game.


Beat Saber

This game has been on the bestseller list at Steam for a long time. While the game is essentially Dance Dance Revolution with lightsabers, it doesn’t score you based on your timing. It utilises the motion sensors in the VR gear to detect and ultimately grade your form as you slash through the visuals. This shows how VR is able to accurately record any movement, which will help the technology create more realistic simulations in the future.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

Not all sequels are created equal. But this version of Skyrim pushes the technology to its limit with the hyper-realistic RPG gameplay. The beauty of the VR is that it can transport you into another world and Skyrim VR does just that and more. With this version, you can cast spells with your hand and relate with NPCs more interactively. Besides, the open map environment of the popular game is perfect for VR technology. While Digital Trends notes that Skyrim VR has yet to reach the platform’s potential, it’s a huge feat in adopting big titles to a VR environment.

Lone Echo

This particular game takes the concept of immersive gaming to the extreme as you experience a zero-G environment without leaving your room. Float around the space as a humanoid robot called Jack—grabbing and interacting with objects around you—as you fix the Space Station. With 4-6 hours of gameplay in the single-player mode, it’s a short yet highly detailed way to explore a digital environment. A good illustration of how VR can replicate real-world situations.

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