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“WCG” brand cannot be used freely by anyone

Long standing eSports organization World Cyber Games will halt all of its tournaments and events in 2014, according to the letter being sent by WCG CEO Brad Lee via email. This brought to an end to a 14 years of one of the well known gaming tournaments in the world.


In addition to the email announcement, he added that each partner can use WCG brand in their respective country from now onwards, and that the decision was made by the WCG committee, considering the current global trend and the business environment. However, contradicting the letter that Brad Lee has sent out it seems that its partners will not be allowed to use the brand name as freely.

One of Korea’s eSports website said that were contacted by WCG’s staff member in Korea who refuted the statement. The staff member added that the WCG brand name cannot be used freely by its partners. The anonymous person told Daily eSports that “For 13 years WCG brand has been built therefore there is no way it will be freely used by anyone.”.

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