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WD 500GB Scorpio Blue WD5000LPVT 2.5" 7mm Storage Drive

WD Blue 500GB WD5000LPVT 2.5″ 7mm HDD Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Specification and Closer Look
  3. Test Bench and Testing Methodology
  4. AS SSD Benchmark
  5. ATTO Benchmark
  6. AIDA64 Access Benchmark
  7. Anvil Benchmark
  8. Boot Load Test
  9. CrystalDisk Mark Benchmark
  10. HDTune Pro Benchmark
  11. Futuremark Benchmarks
  12. Conclusion
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WD Blue series 7mm drive would be a comfortable choice for those upgrading their notebook storage. There’s really nothing much to be said, but slimmer 2.5mm drives are 7mm z-axis height. Some 7mm thick drives were reviewed in the past, and there are many uses such installing them on an Ultrabook or pretty decent alternative to installing in a cramped desktop unit. As usual, performance is what will be observed here. The only keyboard here the decrease of the thickness of the notebook drive from the common 9.5mm to 7mm. If its 7mm, it means its a drive one could…

Review Overview

Performance - 7.5
Storage Space - 7
Overall Value - 9


BBQ Score

Summary : Well, for faster loading it would be nice to see if WD could have a flash NAND just like Seagate has for Momentus XT series, but when it comes to write, this drive is pretty quick, although an impression is made that the drive’s data throughput maybe somewhat stifled. But to give a fair credit: it’s a 7mm thick drive which can stand somewhat toe-to-toe with WD Scorpio Black and takes more time for loading compared to both the Momentus XT drive. That’s not bad considering its made keeping ultrabooks in mind.

India (online) U.S. U.K.
Rs. 3,233/- $61.17 £45.20

The drive comes with 2 years warranty. It is not too expensive and it does provide good enough space for the price. As slimmer notebooks are sold for a while, you will need to have 7mm slim drives. Of course, as time passes we will see higher capacity 7mm 2.5″ drives. But this is where we are right now. The WD Blue 7mm 2.5″ HDD is recommended as a cost-effective upgrade option. It would be nice to see a spacer bundled with it for those notebooks with larger z-axis storage height.


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