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WD My Passport Essential 500GB USB 3.0 HDD Review

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Thanks to Gigabyte, Kingston and Western Digital for providing the hardware for our standard test system.

AS SSD Benchmark

CrystalDisk Benchmark

ATTO Benchmark

HD Tune Pro Benchmark

File Transfer Tests

The 5400RPM WD 500GB Storage drive is a bit slower a 320GB 7200RPM GoFlex Slim. Comparatively, its pretty okay since you’re getting more speed and its a USB 3.0 drive.


  1. I bought the drive, same model number as u have tested.. true, i tried to open the case so as to use the drive in laptop, but alas, the connector socket is soldered to drive PCB.. now way we can use it as internal drive for laptop.. but one good thing, i tried standard micro USB cable, in the wider of two connector sockets, it worked well..  thanks for your review, i read this before buying the drive..

  2. You should give it for replacement to your dealer. They'll help you with it.

  3. OK, I have this same thing in red color. BUT, I have trouble with it all the time. It lays dead and does not work most of the time. It ran fine for about a year, I guess. Then its been a piece of junk. Any tips?

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