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WD My Passport X 9

WD My Passport X 2TB USB 3.0 Review

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  3. CrystalDisk and ATTO Benchmark
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This is the WD My Passport X. A drive that’s emphasized for PC gamers for storage, especially the Xbox One and the PC. What is the scenario a gamer would require an external storage source? Loading games, Recording gameplay, saving game saves. This is a 2TB drive. That’s a lot of space for anyone to record. Storing game files needs a lot of space, especially with certain AAA titles that tends to become a storage muncher. The main advantage is that you’re getting a much larger space as a portable drive without an additional AC adapter.

It’s not as if consoles (or PC) have a restriction when it comes to taking data to and from an external storage source. Other than saying “Storage for Xbox One or PC games”, there isn’t any emphasis as to what is unique in this drive that would set it apart from other USB 3.0 storage.

But it’s not just limited to gaming. It’s a USB 3.0 base external HDD drive at the end of the day. That said, we’ll be covering up everything and see how it is.

The top has a semi-reflective design on the top, but the base is matte with a textured finish. The front has a USB 3.0 port along with a white activity LED on the side.

The formatted drive gives you a total usable space of 1.81 TB. CrystalDisk Info reflects that this is a WDC WD20NMVW SATA II based drives with an 8MB Cache and it’s a 5200RPM drive.

The Specification are as follows:

Product Specifications  
Interface USB 3.0 and USB 2.0
Performance Specifications  
Serial Transfer Rate USB 3.0
Serial Bus Transfer Rate
(USB 3.0)
5 Gb/s (Max)

USB 2.0


Serial Bus Transfer Rate
(USB 2.0)

480 Mb/s (Max)
Physical Specifications  
Capacity 2 TB
Physical Dimensions  
Height 0.83 Inches
Depth 4.33 Inches
Width 3.21 Inches
Weight 0.50 Pounds
Height 20.96 mm
Depth 110.07 mm
Width 81.57 mm
Weight 0.23 kg
Environmental Specifications  
Temperature (English)  
Operating 41° F to 95° F
Non-operating -4° F to 149° F
Temperature (Metric)  
Operating 5° C to 35° C
Non-operating -20° C to 65° C
Operating System  
Compatibility Xbox One/Windows/Mac
  • Works with Xbox One gaming console or PC.
  • Reformatting required depending on system used.
Package Includes
  • Portable gaming drive
  • USB cable
  • Quick install guide

The system that I am using is to test most of the hardware. The same operating system, choice of USB 3.0 port (specific rear I/O port) version of benchmark software and the testing method is maintained throughout the graph.

Operating System Windows 10 64-bit Pro
Processor+ Cooler Intel i7 4790k + Noctua NH-U12S
Motherboard Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming GT
RAM 8GB Kingston DDR3 HyperX
Primary Storage 240GB SanDisk Extreme II SSD
Secondary Storage 3TB WD Red WD30EFRX
Power Supply Corsair TX750
PC Case Lian Li A70F

The testing methods are as follows:

CrystalDisk Benchmark 5.0.2 x64

ATTO Benchmark v2.46

Transfer File Tests:

  • 98.3GB Assorted video files folder transfer
  • 11.3GB ISO file transfer
  • 1.33GB Assorted image transfer
  • 1.28GB ZIP file transfer

Drive Format: NTFS

The test that I am doing is with a newer system and, therefore, it’s not compared with the drive’s benchmarks tested on the older test setup due to the change of USB 3.0 controllers. But if you want to know the older benchmark data, you can check the last review which was done on the older test setup.


As you can see, the test result for both read and write is within the similar lines starting from a 32KB file size all the way up to 8GB. With the 8GB File transfer, you’ll observe 113.32 MB write and 115.95MB read speed.


CrystalDisk Mark reflects similar numbers during the sequential test runs.

While it’s good to see external drives pitched not just for general purpose storage, it would have been nice to specifically say why their product stands out as a storage extension for gamers. Keeping in mind that Seagate Backup Plus Fast 4TB was tested on an older test system (and the fact that it’s a 4TB drive), it has more sequential transfer speeds.

But Seagate’s 4TB drive costs Rs. 20,000 IN even now, which is more than twice the price than the WD My Passport X. A 2TB, in general, is a lot of space. It’s going take time for people to consider an external solid state as a feasible option like a SanDisk Extreme 500 240GB (which is not yet sold in any Indian online retail sites) or even considering to get a USB 3.0 casing with an SSD of their choice. It goes without saying that at the price of more limited storage, you should get much better load times. If a gamer is loading the game from an external drive and records his game on the same drive, he will need a much quicker drive to keep up. It would be nice if this was more like a hybrid drive internally, with both the read and write caching enabled.

  • Good Value
  • Large Space
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Could have been a lot quicker as it would have been more useful for those who load and record game from the same external drive

WD My Passport X

India US UK France
Rs. 8,500 $92.50 £92.32 EUR 132.55

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