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WD Scorpio Blue 1TB 2.5″ WD10JPVT Drive Review

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Test Setup for: Western Digital Scorpio Blue 1TB Drive
Motherboard+ Processor Gigabyte 890GPAUD3H Rev 1.0+ AMD 550BE (Cooled with Thermaltake Big Typhoon)
Memory Kingston KHX1600C9D3P1K28G HyperX Genesis 8GB 1600MHz DDRIII
Primary drive Western Digital 3000HLFS Drive
Power Supply Corsair TX750
Chassis Lian Li A-70f Full Tower

This drive is tested with fresh installed Windows 7 64bit Home Premium with AHCI enabled.

Boot Load Test

Okay, this is pretty decent, considering 9.5mm Blue drive. Its too bad I haven’t test 12.5mm counterpart, that would have showed where this new drive really stands.

AS SSD Benchmarks

CrystalDisk Benchmark

4k runs with 32bit Que depth have always been much lower on mechanical drives than on SSDs. Keeping the HyperX aside, Western Digital Scorpio Blue pretty much follows WD Black 750GB.
HD Tune Benchmark

Western Digital also manages to stay ahead of the first generation Momentus XT drive. This is impressive. Now I am curious how the second-gen Momentus XT will stand against this.
8MB ATTO Benchmark

Yeah, its not fair for the HyperX SSD to stick its nose in the middle, but you can see all the drives are pretty much on the same level between 0.5MB-to-5MB read and Writes. Lets also not forget this 5400RPM drive is exchanging blows with 7200RPM drive.


  1. did you get a chance to review this one

    I am planning to upgrade my Mac, already adding 8 GB Ram, now looking at increasing the hard drive.

    If I am not a gamer ,but do some good sudio/video editing do you think a 5400 RPM drive would do? Any suggestions on 5400 vs 7200

  2. No :(. I know guys who handle Samsung but they don't get storage drives for evaluation. I've asked them once some time back. I think Corsair has notebook memory kits specifically for mac. You might want to check that out if you haven't made up your mind about it. As far as the drive goes, let me know your budget.

  3. cool, will check them out. My budget is around $150 ish.

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