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WD Slim 1TB WD10SPCX 2.5″ 7mm Thick HDD Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Specification and Closer Look
  3. Test Bench and Testing Methodology
  4. AS SSD Benchmark
  5. AIDA64 Access Test
  6. ATTO Benchmark
  7. Anvil Benchmark
  8. Boot Load Test
  9. Futuremark Benchmarks
  10. Conclusion
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When it comes to boot load and write access tests, Seagate 500GB SSHD has a significant advantage because of their drive using a flash NAND. It doesn’t match SSDs such as 840 and 840 pro, but the load times are reduced. PCMark runs which simulate ‘near’-real world’ scenarios show advantage on some tests. Notebooks drives with flash NANDs make a lot more sense now that I think about it. WD can do the same.

Keeping the devices as slim as possible is something manufacturers are obsessed about when it comes to ultrabooks and other portable device types, but at the same time, its almost not possible unless other hardware components compliment such drives and maintain as less footprint as possible. WD and Seagate have their own 7mm thick drive. Seagate has a 5mm thick drive for android devices… WD’s 1TB SPCX was sent to me for evaluation,and the drive is very thin. There are 2x 500GB platters Lets see how the drive performs! WD’s slim drive is very thin, but unlike WD5000LPVT 500GB 7mm…

Review Overview

Performance - 6.5
Storage Space - 8.5
Overall Value - 7


BBQ Score

Summary : There’s either little or no difference (the little difference is probably because this drive uses 2 platters), but the capacity is doubled up in comparison with WD5000LPVT drive. If WD can provide a flash NAND to reduce the load times, that would be pretty awesome! Suffice to say, Seagate is much closer to do the same, because they’re already into SSHD for a long time.

India (MSRP) U.S. U.K.
Rs. 9,500/- $129.99 £94.43

Note that both the WD slim drives listed on Amazon US and UK are marked 8MB Cache, but its actually 16MB. The drive comes with 2 years of a warranty period, which is bit disappointing since there was a time drives used to come with 5 years warranty, and now other than Black comes 3- and this drive comes only with 2 years warranty period.

Edit (21.09.13): There was a time all hard drives had a standard warranty period of 5 years. Now it’s only WD Black series which comes with 5 years warranty, followed by Red, Blue and Green with a much lesser warranty period. This drive comes with 2 years warranty period. Not a good sign. WD needs to look towards Seagate’s Laptop SSHD, a 7mm counterpart. That comes with a flash NAND to improve boot speed and with 3 years standard warranty period. True, the warranty period doesn’t reflect the lifespan of the product, but I believe that warranty period should be kept standard. That being said, Seagate 5mm 500GB ultrathin drive which I now have for review seem to come with 2 years warranty period as well. At the time of writing, Seagate’s 500GB SSHD costs $80, which makes it a pretty decent deal for what its worth. A 3-year warranty should be the bare minimum- period.


  1. do these drives have spacers for docking in 9.5 mm drives like how SSD manufacturers provide?

  2. doubted. but I’ll forward the suggestion.

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