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Western Digital (WD30EZRS) Caviar Green 3TB Internal Storage Drive Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Observations during Pre-Testing:
  3. Specs, Packaging and First Impression
  4. Test Setup and Benchmarks
  5. Conclusion
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Quoting the words from WD MyBook Essential 3TB Review:

WD30EZRS is a green edition drive and Green Editions are known to have RPM of 5400RPM minimum. Green Edition drives are not just made primarily to be energy saving drives, but meant to be cooler and with massive amount of storage space (and massive storage space per platter) primarily meant for secondary storage. Lower RPMs usually impact on Random access times. All the more reason Green Edition drives are better off being used as secondary storage- both internally and Externally.

Today we’ll evaluate the WD30EZRS drive which comes with SATAII interface…

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