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Pre-Order for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 starts

Pre-order of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 started in the U.K. for both gaming consoles. The pre-orders are taken care of Amazon UK and Zavvi. The confusion, however, is that both UK online retailers have priced it with the difference of £200. How much would Xbox One from Microsoft and Sony’ PlayStation 4 cost? £600! Well, according to Amazon U.K.

Amazon U.K. displayed pre-order for Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. What should be noted that there’s another U.K. based retail store that priced both the consoles, but with a significantly lower cost of £400!

The following is the pre-order price tag from Amazon:



Zavvi has both pre-order opened for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One:

xboxonezavviBoth manufacturers of their consoles have not given any details about the pricing yet. Hopefully, once Sony and Microsoft have announced the priced, either one of them will make the corrections unless there some difference between the consoles that are sold by Amazon U.K. and Zavvi.

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