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Xigmatek DK Cooler

Xigmatek Dark Knight SD1283 Night Hawk CPU Cooler Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging and Specification
  3. Initial Impressions Part 1
  4. Initial Impressions Part 2
  5. Installation and Mounting Mechanism
  6. Motherboard Clearance
  7. Testing Methodology
  8. Benchmarks and Observations
  9. Conclusion
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Xigmatek is a company that’s usually known to make CPU coolers, PC Cases and fans, just like many companies out there, and also known to use orange coloured fans for their CPU Coolers.

Apart from the orange coloured fan blades, they also love to use Black, just the like they have with their flagship Dark Knight SD1283 Night Hawk Edition which uses Direct Heatpipe Technology which has 3x heatpipes. For those who don’t know, Direct Heatpipe Technology has heatpipes which have direct contact with the processor’s integrated heatspreader (IHS) for better heat dissipation.

One of the notable features is that Xigmatek uses their ‘low heat signature ceramic coating’ which works (as per what Xigmatek says in their website) by quickly dissipating heatsink from the processor’s surface. Xigmatek specifically uses 8mm thick heatpipes which helps make this cooler suitable for processors with TDP of 160W and above. The company also uses their own mounting system which they called it ‘Crossbar Pressure Vault’ mounting system.

While all this does sound fancy, at the end of the day YOU as a buyer would like to know how this CPU Cooler performs overall- on stock/overclocking….

…and that’s what I am going to do in this review.

Do note that its only now that I’ve started doing reviews for CPU coolers and other than the low profile coolers, I don’t have anything to compare it with.



  1. possible to use thermalright’s metal backplate in place of this? even they use spring screws.

  2. Hey shawn, im not sure if its possible to use the metal backplate provided by thermalright as i dont have any of those with me to test it with.

  3. Just a tip, its best if you install the graphic card as well so that i can get a complete idea, this way it will all be cool!

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