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Zebronics Bijli 2 (ZEB-3323 B) PC Chassis Review

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The configuration I’ve are as follows:

Processor AMD 965BE
Motherboard Asus 990FX Sabertooth
Cooler Thermaltake Big Typhoon
Memory Kit Kingston 8GB HyperX Blu
Graphic Card Asus 6950 EAH CUII/POV 8800GTS (Dead Card)
Power Supply Corsair TX750
Primary Drive Western Digital 300GB Velociraptor
Secondary Storage Drives 1x Western Digital 320GB Blue2x Western Digital 1TB Green hard drives

However, there are certain things you need to know: I cannot install Asus 6950 CUII drive because it was too long for the case.

Securing the screws on top was a bit difficult. Dongguan could have provided a hole on the case area where you slide the case’s panel where you can insert the screw driver through it. That’s not all.

The pre-drilled hole to install the brass standoff is 3mm in diameter, however there is a hole that is 2mm larger than other hole. There is no brass standoff with 5mm thread in diameter.

I and many system builders always prefer to secure every ATX mount screw because the weight of the cooler, graphic card and other add-on cards are on the motherboard and when the case is kept upright, the system is supported by the motherboard tray. The more properly you secure the system, the better and more reliable, especially if you are spending so much. There is also 1 more hole on the case that looks more for mATX form factor. Very disappointing and strange to see such an oversight. Its a standard ATX mount hole. How can it be overlooked??

Since there isn’t a hole to reroute the 6/8 pin 12v connector, you’ll need to use the existing hole provided next to the motherboard and drag the cable all the way to the corner. However the 12v ATX/EPS plug on the motherboard is way too close to the fan, so close that you the connector cannot be inserted properly. The case manufacturer should have provided a little more space on the top.

Installing the system in this case is turning to be more annoying.

The PCIE tool-less connector is filled with cons as it not able to secure 8800GTS properly even when locked. Since there isn’t any way to reroute the USB 3.0 cable, you need to re-route the cable across the system through the Water Cooling hole grommet and connect it to the USB 3.0 port in the rear I/O panel.

Now the only cables left to re-route are PCIE power cable, USB 2.0 header cables, HD Audio and 24pin ATX connector and as no surprise, you cannot shut the right side panel without damaging the case and potentially damaging the power cable.

After 30 minutes nerve-cracking installation experience, this is the type of cable management I’ve ended up with:

Looks like the case is designed keeping generic/s power supplies in mind. No1 who builds a system with a generic power supply will spend so much money on such case. No gamer will buy such case with doesn’t even let you re-route power supplies cases properly. Ironically this case is catalogued under “Gaming Series” in Zebronics Website.


  1. but i am finding it hard to believe that a big and reputed magazine called chip gave an award to zebronics for this case in january and you marked it down so bad. why would i give importance to your review more than an established one?

  2. Check the review dates. I published this when? November 2011 They? They did it in Jan 2012. I posted all the facts and pictures so that people can read and decide for themselves. I dont know how chip reviewed it, but i am not really surprised considering i gave a not recommended tag.

    its your money, your wish. You want to give importance to Chip reviews over the facts that are posted, its all good. But if you have those nitpicks- I told you so!

    You think giving 3.5-4k for this case over cases like Coolermaster 431, NZXT Gamma, BitFenix Merc Alpha despite seeing the photographs yourself then it shouldn’t stop you from buying. the reason why you’re saying this is because you are finding it difficult to believe that a so-called review magazine that (probably looks that way to me) to be the only reliable source that you follow- until you’ve read this review and compared it to what chip must have written in a small column (as expected from a magazine)- and you’re having second thoughts if that review is honest or not.

    I will not say who is honest and who is not. What I’ll say is that I’ve put up the relevant pictures and the written content- you decide! I never say its a must buy product unless its really a must buy product- and last time I did that was I think for 880GMA UD2H and 890GPA-UD3H motherboard from Gigabyte- the first board that I reviewed. Almost all the time, I simple say recommend to shortlist at max.

    Now, please do send a mail to Chip and ask them the similar question.

  3. no…ur rite…that’s lot of money for a case… i shouldn’t waste it…actually i only read the conclusion only but after reading the entire review i understood. very shocked that chip is doing like this. good thing that mag subscription is going to end….

  4. no…ur rite…that’s lot of money for a case… i shouldn’t waste
    it…actually i only read the conclusion only but after reading the
    entire review i understood. very shocked that chip is doing like this.
    good thing that mag subscription is going to end….

  5. no…ur right… i actually read only the conclusion and questioned you but now i read the review. so sry for doubting you shame on chip on making a fool out of their readers now i’ll never subscribe their mag…

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