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Zebronics Ironhead

Zebronics Iron Head Simulated 7.1 USB Headset Review

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Testing wasn’t very straightforward.

I tested against 2 other headphones that are in a similar price range in my possession – Idance Audio Crazy 611 (review sample sent by Idance Audio India) and Rosewill RHTS8206 5.1 headphones (review sample sent by Rosewill). The Rosewill is also a USB powered headphone but has discrete drivers for an actual 5.1 channel effect rather than a simulated 7.1 effect like with the Zebronics Iron Head. However, the issue came up with the source.

The Zebronics is a USB powered headset, and I couldn’t use my regular DACs as a reference. Using the onboard sound on my PC wasn’t doing justice to the Idance, and the Rosewill had its own built in DAC. So testing was going to be very unequal but it cannot be helped. I quite liked the Idance headphone when I heard it but even when using my best DAC and headphone amp, it’s simply no match for the Zebronics Iron Head! Very surprising but the Zebronics is simply in a different league to the Idance even though both of them are at the same price level. The Rosewill does sound better in bass, treble and soundstage but it’s not a huge difference.

The Rosewill RHTS-8206 at $50 is however much more expensive than the Zebronics and the differences in sound quality are not very large. Also, while the Rosewill has 8 speakers inbuilt, the 7.1 virtualization tech of the Zebronics sounds darn good and honestly it’s hard to tell the difference between actual 5.1 and simulated 5.1. So the Zebronics has great bass. Good impact, speed and depth while not sounding muddy. Mids are also great, and both male and female vocals are very clear and without any glaring faults. The Rosewill doesn’t do as well, and vocals sound a tad off. The treble is also very good. Very clear, well extended and lacks any bite (sibilance, harshness).

Overall the Zebronics has no real glaring faults in the sound quality department. I haven’t heard any sub 2k headphone sound as good as the Zebronics and the fact that it comes with a built-in DAC is something really amazing !


  1. Nice review.This is the only review i found which tested the sound properly. I want to know more about the 7.1 surround sound feature of this headphone. Is it really good ? I am buying this headphones for 7.1 gaming and movie experience and i am expecting a big difference from my Logitech X 540 2.1 setup.Please reply.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Duke ! 🙂

    Well if you are asking if this budget headphone can beat your Logitech speakers then the short answer is no.

    No 5.1 channel headphone that I have had the pleasure to review be it the Coolermaster Sirus, CM Sonuz, Rosewill 5.1 etc. could ever match even a budget 5.1 speaker system for movies or gaming.

    Mind you these above mentioned headsets actually use multiple headphone drivers to provide a real 5.1 effect. The Zebronics Iron Head is actually just a 2 channel headphone with a simulated 7.1 effect via software.

    That said using a speaker system requires proper placement and customization and there is a limit to how loud you can play it at depending where you stay.

    I always prefer my headphones for gaming over my 2 channel speaker system but for movies I prefer my speaker system over my Rosewill 5.1 headphones.

    I hope that partially answers your query.

  3. Very brief and nice review.
    My only question is since it’s usb powered can we use it cellphone or iPod ?
    Maybe with connector or something ?

  4. Hi Sahil. Thanks for writing in. Unfortunately no there is no way to use these with a cellphone or ipod. 🙁

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