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Zebronics Ironhead

Zebronics Iron Head Simulated 7.1 USB Headset Review

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The Zebronics Iron Head was launched at as MSRP of Rs. 1,899 which is a very good price for the headphone. Unfortunately, most dealers like Flipkart want Rs. 2,799/- for the same headphone. I have managed to find just one seller who is selling the Iron Head for Rs. 1,899/- so choices of buying this headphone for the right price are slim.

  • Good Built and Sound Quality
  • Balanced Headphone for anything ranging from music, games to movies.
  • Simply destroys other sub-Rs. 2,000/- contenders tested so far
  • Built-in DAC and Mic
  • Value for Money
  • Difficult to find a dealer online selling around the official quoted price.
  • Not so comfort fit
  • Drivers not available for download on the product site 
Zebronics is an Indian company that usually re-brands Chinese OEM peripherals under the Zebronics brand name. Zebronics has products ranging from motherboards, tablets, power supplies to even PC Chassis. Here on review is their new headset called "Iron Head". While they call it a 7.1 headset its actually a 2 channel headset with just 2 x 40mm drivers like many normal headphones. A lot of headphones priced under 3k are used primarily with onboard sound solutions. These headphones suffer from the low sound output as most onboard audio sound chips provide sub-par audio quality and even max volume is inadequate.…

Review Overview

Build Quality - 9
Sound Quality - Music - 9
Sound Quality - Movies - 9
Sound Quality - Games - 9
Comfort - 6
Value for Money - 10


BBQ Score

Summary : Overall this is a great sound card and great value IF you can find it for its MSRP price of Rs 1900. There are no real flaws of this headphone other than availability and below average comfort.

I have no qualms in recommending the Zebronics Iron Head to anyone wanting a balanced headphone for anything ranging from music, games or movies. It simply works great for all 3 genres. Zebronics Iron Head Simulated 7.1 Headphones- Bronze Award


  1. Nice review.This is the only review i found which tested the sound properly. I want to know more about the 7.1 surround sound feature of this headphone. Is it really good ? I am buying this headphones for 7.1 gaming and movie experience and i am expecting a big difference from my Logitech X 540 2.1 setup.Please reply.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Duke ! 🙂

    Well if you are asking if this budget headphone can beat your Logitech speakers then the short answer is no.

    No 5.1 channel headphone that I have had the pleasure to review be it the Coolermaster Sirus, CM Sonuz, Rosewill 5.1 etc. could ever match even a budget 5.1 speaker system for movies or gaming.

    Mind you these above mentioned headsets actually use multiple headphone drivers to provide a real 5.1 effect. The Zebronics Iron Head is actually just a 2 channel headphone with a simulated 7.1 effect via software.

    That said using a speaker system requires proper placement and customization and there is a limit to how loud you can play it at depending where you stay.

    I always prefer my headphones for gaming over my 2 channel speaker system but for movies I prefer my speaker system over my Rosewill 5.1 headphones.

    I hope that partially answers your query.

  3. Very brief and nice review.
    My only question is since it’s usb powered can we use it cellphone or iPod ?
    Maybe with connector or something ?

  4. Hi Sahil. Thanks for writing in. Unfortunately no there is no way to use these with a cellphone or ipod. 🙁

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