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Zebronics Shield Mid-Tower PC Case Review

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Zebronics comes with a colourful illustrated packaging and gives some clue about the case, but the specification looks vague at best. It also should be noted that companies should make an effort to show the image of the right panel view as well- both with and without the side panel.



Zebronics skipped the fact that the case has a couple of extra mounts for 2.5″ drives (which will be shown later in the review). The front panel connectors were also not mentioned on the specs. Other than the fans mounted on the case, they haven’t mentioned the optional mounting on the top panel and the rear panel. They also forgot to mention the headset stand on the side panel (pretty much like how Thermaltake does with few of their PC cases).

Why such oversight? Why wouldn’t you advertise on the box when you did on the promo video?


The cases is protected by couple of Styrofoam blocks and a plastic bag to protect the case, which the top panel’s Styrofoam being much larger than the base.

The following is the specifications that they’ve mentioned:

Size L420 x W185 x H430mm
Weight 5KG
Driver bay
5.25”(Exposed) 3No(tool-less)
3.5”(Exposed) 1No
3.5”(Hidden) 4Nos(tool-less)
PCI slots 7Nos
Front 1 x 120mm
Side 1 x 140mm

The case has a single USB 3.0 connector, 2x USB 2.0 connector and the audio jacks.

One comment

  1. zebronics lost their sense of logic and reasoning. have they even seen a cabinet costing 4900 before putting it as an ‘official price’? this cabinet is bad and they should feel bad…

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