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Zebronics Shield Mid-Tower PC Case Review

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There are no fans installed on the rear. There seems to be a mounting (I hope) for the 2.5″ drive behind the motherboard tray. There are many cable management holes and a very large hole towards the right of the HDD cage. Above the HDD cage, there’s a mounting for 2.5” drive on the left side panel section.


The case uses white coloured wiring jacket which obviously doesn’t go well with the colour of the case. That so….90s!!!


The single USB 3.0 port on the front panel comes with a header, which all the more reason the actual manufacturer should have simply put the second USB 3.0 port on the empty slot.

There are 2 fans provided with the case- 1x 120mm fan for the front and 1x 140mm fan for the side panel. No specs whatsoever. The fan uses Molex and there is no Molex to 3 pin converter. These fans are sleeve bearing fans. The side panel fans do not have an air filter


The actual manufacturer of the case is made by a company called “Guangzhou Aojie Science & Technology Co., Ltd.”- one of those manufacturers that supply to companies that re-label their products. They already have their own retail lineup in China called Sama. The product link is here.


There is a 120mm fan mount on the top, with a spacing for 25mm thick fans. Since there isn’t much space between the top panel to where the motherboard would be mounting, this makes more sense. There’s only a single 120mm mount because next to it is where the handle is present. It should be noted that along with the clips, this case uses 6 screws to secure the top panel on the frame.


What’s funny about the front panel is the 120mm fan mount setup. They simply riveted 2 thin support plates with multiple holes which only lets you mount only a 120mm fan. There’s an HDD slot which can be seen just below the fan mount. I don’t understand why aren’t those strips riveted in places where the fan can provide air throughout all the section of the HDD bay.


I am not sure why the manufacturer used foam instead of the usual air filter material. Foam usually will be more of an obstacle course and make things worse, especially when a layer of dust is eventually accumulated. The foam is also attached on the mesh so unless you un-clip the mesh you will not be able to remove it.

There are no filters on the side vents of the front panel.

After removing 6 screws from the inside, I was able to pop out the top panel bezel.



Just like CM storm trooper, the top panel handle is riveted. it should also be noted that there’s a plastic attachment below the handle. Truth be told I was expecting far worse considering that the observations made on this case so far is not very positive.


The manufacturer installed the front panel controls and headers on the bezel rather than on the frame- big mistake!! As said previously whenever a case comes like these, you cannot remove the top panel unless you unplug and remove your existing cable management.

And you may end up doing so because for some reason the manufacturer has 2 air filters- one on the frame and one under the bezel. What’s makes this funny is that the one under the bezel uses foam. Really now???

Just like the front panel bezel, the top panel doesn’t have air filter for its side vents.


The space between the motherboard tray and the right sidepanel is 1 cm. The only cable management you can do is the section near the HDD tray and the cable management holes next to it which has a space of around 2 cm. There’s no hole to route through ATX/EPS cable, but hey!! That doesn’t matter because there is hardly any space behind the motherboard tray.


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  1. zebronics lost their sense of logic and reasoning. have they even seen a cabinet costing 4900 before putting it as an ‘official price’? this cabinet is bad and they should feel bad…

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