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Zebronics Shield Mid-Tower PC Case Review

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There was no point in doing installation impressions because in addition to the nuisances mentioned above, the HDD clips do not secure the hard drives at all. They fall off!! To make it worse, the HDD slides all the way in- and touches the front panel fan once the mounting holes are aligned. This is the last straw!!! Ratings are not given for this case for the same reason.

There are better cases than this one so its best to avoid the hassle no matter the price. The only part that surprised me is that the handle is riveted on the case exactly the way Coolermaster did for Trooper. But the entire is case is so flawed that it doesn’t make sense to buy the case at all. You have to ask the question why did Zebronics choose THIS case to relabel. I understand and acknowledge that there would some oversight or the other in such el-cheapo cases, but the list of flaws and oversights simply discourages you to keep an open mind.

For those who are interested. Zebronics informed that this case is officially priced for Rs. 4,900/- at the time of writing.

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  1. zebronics lost their sense of logic and reasoning. have they even seen a cabinet costing 4900 before putting it as an ‘official price’? this cabinet is bad and they should feel bad…

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